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          New VAT Registration

          Partnership Registration

          Online Submission of VAT Return

          Application for De-registration

          Change of Address

          Change of Economic Activity

Local Banks

          Central Bank


          Bank of Valletta

          BNF Bank

          Medirect Bank


          Profit & Loss Account

          Tax Representative


          PE No. Application

          Expatriates Taxpayer Registration

          PT Reduction Form

European Union

          Validate EU VAT Number

          EU Member States

          Countries in Eurozone


          Company Directors' Responsibilities

          Registration Fees

          Annual Return Fees


          Engagement Form

          Engagement Form Self-Employed

          Termination Form

Inland Revenue

          Tax Rates

          Social Security Rates

          Double Tax Treaties

          MicroInvest Incentive Guidelines

Financial Authorities

          Malta Financial Services Authority

          Inland Revenue

          Department of VAT

          Malta Enterprise

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