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Back Office


We offer a broad range of services, starting form basic data entry, all the way through to the preparation of management accounts, financial statements, cash flows, and other such reports as may be required by our Clients from time to time.

Flexibility is the key as Client exigencies are easily catered for within the context of our Clients’ timetable and budget.



Clients can supply us with enough details for us to be able to compute monthly or weekly payrolls on their behalf on our in-house software.

We will take the burden off our Clients’ shoulders where statutory payroll returns like F.S.S. returns are concerned. We can take care of ETC engagement and termination forms, FS4, FS5 and FS7 forms amongst others.


If our Clients wish to make their own computations, we can provide them with specialised payroll software and supplement that with adequate training and maintenance on the software.