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The most popular business vehicle in Malta is the Limited Liability Company. This is regulated by the Companies Act.  Companies used as a niche business vehicle specifically for Yachts and Pleasure Boats, as well as larger ships, are regulated by the Merchant Shipping Act

          Company Secretary / Registered Address

In the personal capacity of one of our leading professionals we can provide you with the services of Company Secretary. The Company Secretary will ensure that throughout the lifetime of the Company, all statutory requirements, including the company Annual Return, will be met.  

We can also provide you with a registered address that is statutorily required for your company.

          Company Formations

We can provide our Clients with a turnkey service, including the handling of share capital, Memorandum and Articles of Association, registering your company with the MFSA, opening of new Bank accounts, registering for an Income Tax number, VAT number or P.E. (employment) number, and so on.


With proper due diligence and a number  of favourable factors in place, we can also offer Directorships for your companies, whether trading or holding companies.  Maltese companies require that there is a director in place at all times. Besides the day-to-day running of the company,  a Company Director in Malta is responsible to comply with all Maltese regulation including the Income Tax Act, the Income Tax Management Act and the Companies Act.